Monday, 25 July 2011

Antique bedspreads for the summer

Antique linen bedspreads are very popular at the moment. Perhaps it is to do with the summer arriving and being able to put those winter blankets away for a while! These three are currently listed for sale and show the variety of designs and styles that the Victorians and Edwardians used in the home. I bought them at an auction in Dundee, Scotland when I was there helping my daughter move into her new flat. It's always good to go to new auctions, watch the dynamics of the bidding and who buys what! And often the prices in one part of the country are very different to those in another

 The one above is all hand embroidered and then set with inserts of bobbin lace with a lace border.

The one below is in Pina "linen"  - fabric very like linen but made from the fibres of the Pineapple plant and not flax. Beautifully hand worked needlelace infills and drawnthread - hours of work!

And finally this last one below is more unusual as it is in a creamy yellow - most bedspread from this era are white. This one also has drawnthread work and uses Tenerife lace infills - very elaborate work

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Old trends and new - shabby chic to antique linen.

I have neglected this blog for sometime! Just too busy with sourcing and selling linens and family life.  There are new trends to keep up with too.  "Shabby chic" style is still popular and I have had many requests for colourful embroidered tablecloths and napkins for cupcake parties. Apparently, cupcake parties are the new Hen Night! Alcohol is out and sugar rush is in! Vintage crochet lace doilies are also in high demand for dressing the tables at weddings. And I have had at least three requests for linens that would complement the theme of a Mad Hatters Tea Party.  Crinoline Lady embroidered cloths are very popular at the moment!

At the other end of the (linen) scale there is also an increased interest in antique linen damask - particularly those with unusual and interesting designs. I have bought two very large tablecloths recently which originate from a country house in Wales -  Gregynog. It is now part of the University of Wales.

The cloths are 20ft and 24ft long - huge!! And have designs of different exotic birds.

 Peacocks to each corner and other birds including long legged cranes along the border.

They have been snapped up by another "linen lover" (you know who you are, Nan!) but I thought that they were worthy of a mention and some pics in the blog.