Monday 27 February 2012

French fabrics - pink roses, peonies & birds

Our family had many holidays in France and for around 10 years had a holiday home there around the Pont Aven area. (Actually a large static mobile home but a holiday home sounds so much better!)

I bought some French fabrics (currently listed for auction on eBay) during one of those trips to France many years ago.

I have held onto them for a long time now trying to decide where to use them in my house but have finally decided to let them go. Two are curtains and could be used as such. Or could be used for crafts - blinds, cushions, upholstery etc.  The fabric has been stored for a long time and will need cleaning and there is a little sun fading to the edges, the linings are old and faded - but personally I like the tea-stain look of old textiles.  Very shabby chic, old French chateau!

This bird fabric is glorious - in fact, maybe I don't want to sell them after all!

And this one is a profusion of pink roses and purple flowers.


ted and bunny said...

hiya- just came across your listings on eBay and thought I'd pop over and say hi!
Lovely array of things that you sell...all that laundering :(

Linda said...

Lovely! I love the bird one especially.