Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Antique Patchwork Durham Quilt

My mother-in-law started quilting and patchwork classes some time ago and, on hearing that I had recently bought a very good, large Victorian patchwork Durham quilt, asked for some photos. She really wanted to see it in real-life but as I had sold it and despatched it off to the new owner within a few days of buying it photographs will have to do!  It is huge! Probably the biggest that I have come across so far - easily big enough for a king-size bed.

I don't think that it had ever been used (or washed) and I hope that when it finds it's new home that it will be on display and enjoyed.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Linens from a Northumberland house

Another busy day today buying some very nice linen. I will be sorting and listing on eBay over the next month - lots of Irish linen damask tablecloths and a large number of sets of Irish linen damask napkins - at least two sets of twelve which is quite rare.

All of this linen had been stored away in very good condition which always makes it easier - much less specialist cleaning.

Monogrammed linens are also very sought after now and I came across a number of mongrammed towels and pillowcases with an embroidered "B".

Much of this linen has come from a large country house in Northumberland called Milbourne Hall .  The house obviously had a large dining table as I have acquired at least two damask cloths over 14 feet long!  I wonder about the type of occasion they were used at and what the conversations were about!    

Some of the napkins have never been used and were still in the original tissue paper

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Textiles & antique linens auction at Leyburn in North Yorkshire

I have been all over the North East of England this past week at a number of auctions. The best was definitely at Leyburn in North Yorkshire where there were lots of fabulous antique linens, quilts and antique and vintage clothing. I love to look at the clothing even though I rarely buy! The women were so small in the 19th century - tiny waists and arms and very small in height too!

This was a lovely example of a silk 19th century dress

I didn't manage to buy any of the quilts (the prices were a bit steep for me!) but it is always good to look at them and admire the amount of work that has gone into them. The crazy patchwork one was further embellished by hand embroidery motifs to each patch - a tiny spiders web, a strawberry and an owl were amongst the many images.

I am busy sorting through all my purchases and listing a lot over the coming days on my eBay site. I have lots of Irish linen sheets some with fabulous hand embroidery to the top, pillowcases, lots of Victorian nightdresses and lots of baby's Christening dresses. So inevitably I also have lots of washing and ironing too!!