Friday, 8 April 2016

Vintage weddings, gowns, linens and monograms.

 I know that Spring is a traditional time for weddings but at the moment most of my conversations with friends and family seem to involve a wedding....friends discussing and planning their daughter's weddings and my daughters discussing their friend's weddings! So when I came across some wedding dresses at auction, I snapped them up. The first two were from the same house and date to a similar era - the 20's - 30's. very Downton Abbey. Cut on the bias and very stylish.  Also very small!  The bride to be will need to be a size 6 or 8.  The others two that I have are from the 50's and again very much of their era - classically elegant in damask brocade satin.

 Gown above has sequins and metallic embroidery to the bodice with built in train
 This gown also has a built in train with a more simple ruched decoration to the bodice.

This is one of the 50's dresses - shawl collar
wth lots of button detailing and pointed sleeves so typical of the 50's.
I have also had a couple of requests about napkins with monograms for a wedding. I usually have at least one monogrammed item for sale but these requests were for single napkins with the initials of the bride and groom. One buyer wanted to use one at the cutting of cake and the other wanted one to make a ring cushion. Traditionally, of course, monograms represent the first and/or the last names of the owner but double monograms would work well to represent the first names of a couple. So I this week I have hunted out all my single and pairs of double monogram napkins and listed them on eBay.  

So if you are considering a special something for your wedding ceremony then check out the monograms to see if they are the initials you need. 

                                      Jessica and Gary, or maybe John and Georgina

Joe and Victoria,   Joanne and Vince  (this monogram can also be read upside down - see below it becomes "A.F")

                                           Abby and Frank,    Aiden and Fiona
                                                     Ben and Laura, or Beth and Lee
                                        Susie and Graham, or      Steve and Georgia
   This could be "B.F." or "R.F." so could be for   Rebecca and Fraser or  Ryan and Faith

                                          Sasha and David or Simon and Danielle

Bianca and James,  Brian and Julia

Michael and Debbie or Maddie and Dale

                                       Abigail and Michael, or Aaron and Mairead

Georgia and Chris,  or George and Caroline

All items currently (April 2016)  for sale on Ebay