Wednesday, 6 February 2013

New Year & New stock!

A New Year and already a resolution broken - I had resolved to update the blog at least once a month .......and here is the first post of 2013 ... in February!  In my defence, I have been to a number of auctions, to France and bought from a large property in Scotland.  So I acquired some Durham quilts - lovely pink floral and paisley designs.

Down in Yorkshire came across some patchwork quilts.

And bought some shawls from a large property in the West of Scotland. 

This is an Assuit or Tulle bi Telli shawl. Made of metallic wires threaded through linen and then flattened. They originate from Eygpt and were very popular in the 1920's.

Gorgeous goldwork shawl on black crepe silk

And a lovely huge apricot coloured silk shawl with bobbin lace and long tassels.

Next week I will have a number of hand embroidered items for auction on eBay including this delightful tea cosy.

                        Sweet little cottage by the lake

                        Two little rabbits under the tree

A little work of art!