Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Art Nouveau tapestries - Eugene Grasset Calender 1896

I have just found these lovely Art Nouveau hand worked tapestries at auction today. The full set of 12 depicting the scenes from Eugene Grasset "Belle Jardiniere Calendar".  They were probably worked in the 1970's and the colours are still bright and the needlework skill is excellent. They measure 12" by 18" so a great size to hang on the walls.

Grasset was born in Lausanne in Switzerland in around 1841. Between 1869 and 1870, Grasset worked as a painter and sculptor in Lausanne but moved to Paris in 1871 where he designed furniture, fabrics and tapestries as well as ceramics and jewellery. His fine art decorative pieces were made from ivory, gold and other precious materials in unique combinations and his creations are considered a cornerstone of Art Nouveau motifs and patterns.

In 1877 Eugène Grasset turned to graphic design, producing income-generating products such as postcards and eventually postage stamps for both France and Switzerland.  he also produced many posters and the scenes from his "Belle Jardiniere Calendar" are well known through out the world.

I have been very tempted to keep the tapestries however I have put them up for sale on eBay - if there are a couple unsold then maybe they have to be mine!


Friday, 7 January 2011

First antique textiles & linens of 2011.

Finally, now that the snow has all gone and the world has gone back to normal after the Xmas/New year hols, I have been to my first auction of 2011.  I managed to buy a couple of quilts - a paisley and floral Durham and an antique patchwork. The patchwork is grubby but looks in good condition for a 19th century textile - this is a variation on the Tumbling Blocks pattern. The design does not show as well as the colours on the paler cottons have faded leaving the very dominant red.

                       This is a better example of the design - but using modern fabrics.

I also bought a couple of eiderdowns - these still seem to be popular through every season - the flowers remind you that spring and then summer are coming.

And then finally, some vintage/antique clothes.  The hats were a bit of an indulgence (and yes, that is a wig in there!). The large hat is a serious Race Day Hat - very dramatic!

And the baby clothes and other garments are always popular. Amongst the dresses, there were also ladies bloomers, ladies high neck cotton and lace nightdresses, antique camiknicker/bloomer combinations and mens waistcoats - a real mix of antique clothing. The photo below just shows the baby clothes

 So now just the task of sorting, washing, ironing and checking each item before deciding what to sell this coming week.