Thursday, 20 March 2014

An curious and geographically diverse collection of textiles!

Last week I acquired a small but very interesting collection of antique textiles. They all came from one owner who obviously had eclectic taste in antique clothing! At the top of the box sat a 19th century Native American Indian Iroquois beadwork Glengarry hat with beadwork birds to the crown and sides

 Amazingly, all the beads appear to be intact and all still held securely. 

Then I found a 1920's Egyptian Assuit shawl - black and silver. Again in excellent condition with no breaks to the ground or loss of metalwork. 


And the final treasure was a Clones Irish crochet lace collar with high neck. This did have a little repair to one corner where a press stud had been applied but the remainder of the intricate crochet work was in good condition.  

 So a curious collection......lace work, beadwork and metalwork..... from the Americas, Eygpt and Ireland and all had been stored for a long time.  It would be nice to know who they came from and what prompted the owner to collect and store them but unfortunately I was unable to find out any history about the box or the owners