Friday, 2 October 2009

Vintage hand embroidery - cushions & firescreens

I bought this beautiful hand embroidery panel at auction recently. It had been used as a firescreen and then as a picture but the glass is missing. A friend of mine tried very hard to try to make it fit into her house as she liked the design so much but with no success.

So now I have to decide whether to have it re-mounted and glazed and use it as a picture or maybe it would make a very special cushion.

The needlework is excellent - it is hard to believe that this high level of skill was commonplace at one time and that all girls learnt to sew and embroider

I have several cushions - some tapestry but most hand embroidery - placed around my house. I am always drawn to the Tree of Life designs that were very common in the 1940's - 50's.  These kind of decorative cushions can be better than pictures in a room as they can be moved around to add accent of colour and they have a practical purpose too. 

I sell a lot of these type of cushions in the weeks leading up to Xmas. Many are bought as gifts but I think that often my customers decide to keep one for themselves too!

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antoinette said...

I can understand completely about wanting to make the embroidery panel fit in somewhere; it's beautiful and the needlework is so delicate. And I agree about cushions too, you can completely change the tone and mood of a room by changing them round.