Saturday, 19 December 2009

Xmas presents - part 2

I had great intentions of displaying some small linen and lace items that would make great Xmas gifts however my customers have been having a buying frenzy and as soon as I have listed items for sale they are snapped up and I'm off to the Post Office again!  Some of the most popular items have been vintage nightdress cases like the ones below.

Originally intended to enclose your nightwear through the day, they make very decorative boudoir cushion covers. They are generally half the size of  a standard pillow and make a lovely display on the bed or on a bedroom chair.

The other items that have been flying out of the shop are Victorian nightdresses. People buy them for all sorts of reasons; for display in a corner of a bedroom to add a Victorian touch of lace, for use in the Christmas amateur dramatic production of "A Christmas Carol" and others simply to wear!

This long one with long sleeves is very pretty and probably best suited to our cold English weather but there are warm weather alternatives too.

And despite the fact that I have sold probably hundreds of these nightgowns I hardly ever find two the same. So each buyer knows that they have an original garment.

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