Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The latest auction purchases - Old Bleach to Paisley

Last week took me back to Yorkshire for the Vintage Costume, Textiles, Dolls and Teddy Bears sale.  I don't buy dolls - I hope the doll collectors out there forgive me if I say that I find old dolls a bit scarey.... I think it's the eyes that seem to follow you about and they often have a very self-satisfied smile on their faces. However, I was very glad that I am not a doll buyer as this sale had some very expensive ones....
This Jules Steiner doll  was estimated in the catalogue at £400 - £600 but actually sold for £4900.. when commission is added on that will be £5780!

These 19th Century Miniature Dolls were estimated at £120 - £180 but sold for £2100. 

This German wooden toy laundry set, including mangle, clothes stands, wooden buckets, in a pine box did appeal to me - I'm glad I have an automatic washing amchine to wash all my linens now however! I need it to wash all the white linens that I bought. Several unused linens with the original paper labels

I also bought a box with a number of Christening dresses and a beadwork and tapestry screen

And an antique paisley shawl and other shawls including the edging from a paisley shawl - perfect for crafts. 

And finally, two Durham quilts... one plain pink and the other a pink patchwork one


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