Wednesday, 4 April 2012

1940's and 50's accessories

This week I have bought a couple of boxes at auction that contained everything you need for the well dressed woman of the 1940's!  A couple of bungalow dresses or aprons...   these would have been worn as a dress with maybe a sweater or blouse underneath during the morning in the house so that housework could be carried out. They would never have been worn by a respectable lady outside of the home. She would have always changed into smart clothes including gloves and hat when she went out to do the daily shopping or visiting.

It is quite easy to find sewing patterns to make bungalow dresses and they are simple to make however getting the correct fabric is a little harder - this one is a very typical 1940's print.

The box also had several 1950's hostess aprons - little dinky aprons so that you still look smart when your husband comes home from work and you have his supper on the table (and his slippers warming by the fire!).

Also several pairs of gloves - in all sorts of colours. Gloves, hat, shoes and handbag should always match!

                                               Long gloves for the evening

                                                         And always a hat.....

All perfect for re-enactment weekends, fancy dress or theatre productions. Or maybe just for that glamorous look when you go to the shops!

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