Sunday, 10 March 2013

Liberty of London fabric designs

Since my previous post about the Liberty of London fabrics that I have for sale, I have had a number of emails from people, some wanting to buy and some just wanting to thank me for showing photos of the different and now rare (due to discontinued lines) designs that Liberty sold.  For many, I think, it has been a nostalgic look back. One reader wrote that she remembered making a dress for her daughter in one design and having a blouse in one of the others.  I could not find any reference to many of the designs so I have listed below the photos and names so that they can remain on view long after they have been sold on eBay!  I will add to the list when I uncover more designs



DOKKUM (available with black background)


EUGENIE (available in a number of colourways)








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Flowerpot said...

Hallo ...oooh ! This brings back delicious memories of when I worked there for a short time after I left school ( 70'S ).Such a beautiful building full of the loveliest things !
I just bought some pretty linen pillowcases and a linen sheet from you on ebay...I would love it if you can tell me where they came from originally .Look forward to hearing from you .Debbie.