Thursday, 8 July 2010

Garden parties & evening wear

One of the auction sales that I attended last week had a collection of shawls and other vintage clothing that I just had to buy. The silky embroidered shawls are perfect for either a casual garden party - keep your shoulders warm in the cooler evenings - or to set off  more smart evening wear. 

The shawl below is very striking and would be perfect with a plain dress

Whilst this black one could be used with a more patterned or multi-coloured outfit.

Finally to complete the look why not add a pair of extra soft kid leather evening elbow length gloves. Actually, you would need to have quite small hands to fit into these gloves. Women were much smaller in Victorian times and they were meant to be worn very close fitting.  These gloves are probably a size 6 or a 6.5 but even if they don't fit your hands they do add the look when draped over a dressing table or bedside table


Hesta Nesta said...

Those shawls are absolutely stunning, and you are right, you could wear them out in this day and age. They do look equally lovely draped over a mannequin as well. people were so stylish years ago.
Jo x

harps said...

Hi there, I bought the ostrich feather boa from you last week, received it in the post today and I love it! Can't wait for some colder weather so I can start wearing it.

The shawls really are beautiful, perhaps visiting your blog was a bad idea as I now want to buy several pieces! Anyway, I'm now going to leave you positive feedback, thanks again.
Jess, from House of Harps