Monday, 16 August 2010

Hand stitched cushions & quilts

Last week I bought a number of lovely hand worked tapestry cushions from auction along with a number of hand stitched Durham and patchwork quilts. The work involved in both types of textiles is amazing...reflecting a time when we had no T.V., internet or other distractions to take up our time!

This cushion cover has the addition of lots of tiny beads in the black and white sections of the design.

This is a Tree of Life design cushion - this popular style of design is one that I always find attractive and I have several in my house - as embroidered pictures on the wall.,  as a fire screen and as cushion covers and yet each one is different!

Another needlework skill is that of the quilter. I have bought a number of quilts recently.

This is a very typical Durham quilt. Called a "Strippy" as it is made up of contrasting stripes of pink and white cotton. The quilting patterns follow the stripes and are the identifying feature of a Durham quilt.

This quilt combines patchwork and elaborate quilting designs.  The flower baskets are very striking and the colours are stunning....again think of the work involved - all that hand stitching of the patchwork pieces and then the quilting!

Finally, an antique patchwork quilt.

This one shows the use of several fabrics - maybe all the fabrics from the remnants of dressmaking for a family. Fabrics would not have been bought specially to make a quilt as they are today... they were the "left-overs" from the everyday dressmaking that women did in times gone by


Anonymous said...

That embroidery is just gorgeous.

Hesta Nesta said...

OOOOH I want that last quilt please - it is totally gorgeous, is it for sale or is it a 'keeper' please let me know. You do find some real treasures - well done.
Jo xx

Anonymous said...

hello I have just found your lovely blog through Jo,s (hesta Nesta)I have often browsed your ebay page and we have been seriously considering a short stay in that lovely cottage