Saturday, 6 August 2011

1940's style - accessories are everything!

I bought a large quantity of 1940's era hats last week at a local auction.  These three are some of the twenty-odd that all came from the same house. They were in old hat boxes which are also for sale on eBay at the moment along with the hats. I think that a hat box is essential to stop damage, dust and denting and you can keep all the accessories in one too - gloves (a must for a lady of the 40's), little clutch purse, maybe a little spotted scarf.

The 1940's look is still very popular, both as a fashion statement and for re-enactment or fancy dress. These hats in fact came a little too late for my own use unfortunately! In June I was invited to a 50th birthday party which was themed in 1940's wartime style. It was a great party, held in a period village hall all decked out in patriotic bunting and everyone stepped up to the mark and dressed in period. The culinary masterpiece was the Fish & Chip van that had been booked to provide supper and the cake table (the Party Girl was invited to judge on the best cake!) provided dessert.

As a present, 24 girlfriends had each made a square which (with help!) I put together to make a patchwork quilt. Each square is different obviously - from embroidery to sequins, applique to screen print. Then a border and backing in black velvet and "tied" with glass crystal beads at the corners of each square for a "bit of bling"

We managed to keep it a secret from her and I think (hope) that it was a lovely surprise and a keepsake to remind her of the night and her friends.


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