Monday, 1 August 2011

Flowers & butterflies, linen vs garden

My garden is full of flowers at the moment - mainly pink and purple. Not by design, I have to say, it just turned out that way! My family and friends would say that these flowers must be the ones that do well with the least input from the gardener as I rarely find time to get out there and weed, prune, deadhead etc,etc!

Hand embroidered florals on linen continue to be popular - those needlewomen of the past taking inspiration from nature with plants and insects - butterflies are also a very popular motif. These two above just some of the many feasting upon my Butterfly (Buddliea) bush this weekend. 

Below are just some of the flowers and insects that keep me from the garden! All that sorting, washing ironing and preparing linens for sale (at least that is my excuse for not doing the weeding). How did the women who worked these pieces of art find the time? They had no labour saving devices, shopped daily, no cars to get them places......but also no T.V. to watch and no internet to distract them!


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