Thursday, 11 August 2011

More 1940's style!

This coming week I am continuing the 1940's theme with some dresses - two 1940's style and the third a genuine period dress. The gloves really complete the outfit, although having worn gloves on the night of the party (see previous post) I do wonder how the women of the time got anything done! I had those gloves on and off all night - now I know why finger food was not introduced to parties until the 60's!

This one has quite a classic look to it - peep-toe sandals and a smart hat and maybe (if you can "do" fur) the fur wrap or cape below.

This last one is the original home made item. Probably used more as a day dress than for occasions.

Now just the gloves!

All are either listed on eBay now or coming up for sale later this week. Just need the Glenn Miller Band and to learn how to swing!

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